obxium is an artist.


A capsule with OBXIUM 24hr on it

SELFIE ON DRUGS” questions the balance between players in body chemistry regulation

I am a human artist and technologist on a journey to discover, illustrate, and transform ideas about blockchain technologies.

Most of my work is made from emojis and other digital communication pictograms/patterns mixed with reimagined brands and other popular culture elements. The stories told are often unhappy ones about the impending doom of humankind. I think that we have entered an irreversible phase of existence on this planet and that things are happening much faster than most people realize.

With that, I endeavor to live each day as if it were my last despite the lingering cloud of anxieto-uncertainty in constant companionship. I try to do no harm, but I am one hundred percent chaotic neutral, so expect surprises!

Art by obxium depicting a Boston Dynamics Spot robot carrying an ice cream cone

“Gucci Mane Ice Cream Delivery Robot” 2020, (Rarible)