Art is a cycle of reinvention—
it is a candle carried from
the bonfire of a loving heart.


obxium makes art and experiments involving crypto & blockchain technology. There are music, light emitting diodes and fine coffee also involved as well. Chill AF / 今夜は家でゴロゴロしてるよ.


Flower Power, 2017
Pixels on display
Throw your やった in the air and ワサビ like you just don’t care.


obxium currently offers for sale limited numbered editions of new digital artwork, which are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain exclusively through KnownOrigin.io.

Buy Limited Editions

Click above to buy a limited edition digital edition with Ethereum from KnownOrigin.io.

Some previous editions are available on their respective blockchains as Counterparty or boutique ETH tokens.

Extremely rare self-issued ETH based pieces are coming soon.

Please contact with other inquiries.

Giving Back to Community

obxium gives back to the crypto art community through open source resources, research, and knowledge sharing to help advance the state of our shared existence in this space.

Here are some projects with considerable time and effort invested towards the benefit of knowledge sharing with all members of the crypto art community:

Expect more projects like these in the future.