2020.12.07 – I created and released a single edition artwork, “KRANIUM” as a Kusama blockchain non-fungible token (NFT) using the RMRK NFT specification as my third ever art release on Kusama.

I am excited to announce the release of my first single edition cryptoart NFT minted according to the RMRK NFT specification version 0.1 on the Kusama blockchain!

Artwork ‘KRANIUM’ by obxium depicts a black bird skull featuring a bright fluorescent pink eye and pink polkadots on the beak region, resting on a black plinth with more pink polkadots and the Kusama genesis block hash


The work represents characteristics of the Kusama network in the form of a uniquely styled connected node that in itself calls to thematic fundamentals around art, artists, and the junction of technology and art. An avian cranium signifies the lasting permanence and stability of the blockchain even when anything and everything connected to it can literally be slowly deteriorating over time.

The symbolic network is elevated on a special plinth of indeterminate construction to emphasize the futuristic direction of Kusama while the intense smooth glow of the information concentrated in the eye portal signals the massive import and pending uses of this new medium of expression.

Finally, dots abound as they should⁠— containing the notion of important information that we entrust and use to test this brave new system and as a call to the arts and artists, who now venture into these wild new creative frontiers.

The work is dedicated to everyone who has worked hard to make Kusama real and those who continue to push its limits. Here is to continuing to share in the amazing utility and prosperity of the Kusama network. ✨

Available for acquisition


The work was minted into Kusama block 5238231 on Dec 7, 2020 at 19:32:18 UTC and represents my genesis effort at single edition cryptoart on Kusama, so it cannot be repeated.

The single edition (1/1) RMRK NFT is represented by image media in PNG format, 4320px by 4320px at 300 DPI. (4K resolution) A kit containing the original media along with a personalized thank you note, and bonus Ethereum based ERC-721 NFT is included with the purchase.

“KRANIUM” is now available directly from the artist on a first come, first served basis for 10 KSM. Please contact obxium via Twitter direct message or through the form by clicking this button.

“KRANIUM” was sold to fellow artist and light-bending bad-ass, Gisel X. Florez.

The transfer was made in block 5378742; Here is the transaction as plaintext and bytes.



Thanks so much for your support, Gisel!