My First Crypto Artwork

My First Crypto Artwork

This is the true, but completely unremarkable story about the very first piece of art that I ever created to be freely exchanged in a crypto art marketplace.

Like a great many folks that you don’t learn too much in the way of origin story details on, I was first exposed to crypto art through the RarePepe community (in December of 2017), and immediately began creating art around this theme meme dream?! Rockets to the moon, baby!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the entirety of cryptocurrencies or crypto art (“blockchain art,” as most were referring to it back then) very seriously at all.

It was actually articles like Blockchain Artists Wanted by artnome and its breathless panting about $800 on a single Pepe that left a lasting impression.

I was now sort of inspired to keep trying in this nascent space that made no sense whatsoever, and was not really living up to the hype I’d read about. I decided to keep creating and figure it out.


PEPEGIANT is the first crypto art by obxium

“PEPEGIANT” 2018, edition of 100 (Counterparty)

I was actively minting art on the Counterparty platform, which facilitates a sort of Bitcoin graffiti to create tokens with data stored in Bitcoin blocks. This is the system that RarePepes used, and I was interested in getting one of mine “certified”.

Rare Pepe Scientists retire

As luck would have it, I almost missed the boat! It was not until March 7th 2018, with barely any room left before the Rare Pepe scientists hung up their lab coats forever, that I was able to have my artwork “PEPEGIANT” certified as “rare”.

What that mean tho?

What does “certified rare” mean though? It means that my work is one of only 1774 ever. There is a book called The Rarest Book that contains them all, including my PEPEGIANT in it!

The Rarest Book cover image

What Now?

I still hold 9 PEPEGIANT in my XCP wallet. If you are interested in acquiring one, feel free to reach out.

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