2020.12.12 – I have collaborated with Jwawi to create and release the first single edition collaborative artwork, “OOMK” as a Kusama blockchain non-fungible token (NFT) using the RMRK NFT specification.

I am excited to announce the release of my first single edition collaborative cryptoart NFT minted according to the RMRK NFT specification version 0.1 on the Kusama blockchain!

“OOMK”, the abbreviation for Out of Memory Killer and is a collaboration between the cryptoartist Jwawi and myself. It was minted into Kusama block 5306933.

Artwork ‘OOMK’ by Jwawi and obxium depicts a figure chasing elaborately decorated rabbit sculptures along with memory sticks and a metaphysical cave entrance

About OOMK

The work is a surreal interpretation of the Linux operating system out of memory killer, with the actual killer appearing as a shadowy ax-wielding figure that is chasing processes (represented by ornately decorated rabbit sculptures).

There are also some memory modules and the entrance to a metaphysical cave representing the eternal bit bucket of killed processes.

Available for acquisition


The single edition (1/1) RMRK NFT is represented by image media in PNG format, 3000px by 2160px at 300 DPI.

“OOMK” is now available directly from the artists on a first come, first served basis for 10 KSM. Please contact obxium via Twitter direct message or through the form by clicking this button.

“OOMK” has sold.

The transfer was made in block 5367976; Here is the transaction as plaintext and bytes.




Jwawi & obxium