Thanks for the Tip!

Thanks for the Tip!

I am the first individual artist to create an art non-fungible token (NFT) on the Kusama network as described in RMRK Kusama Art NFTs, and received a wonderful community tip as an acknowledgment.

The great folks from the Kusama project and in particular Raul Romanutti, granted me a tip on the network in block 4941029.

While I am admittedly not quite up to speed on what this means, I think it means that others can add KSM to this tip and I will receive it.

Screen shot of the tip in Kusama block 4941029

Apologies for my ignorance about this aspect of the tipping system and regardless, I appreciate the gesture very much! 🙏 The entire Kusama (and Polkadot) community has been very cordial in welcoming me to the project and I feel like this is someplace where I will be able to do some of my best work as an artist.