FRACTAL LOTUS 4 is a complete cryptoart experience featuring the beauty of a lotus flower combined with the infinite worlds of artificial intelligence.

Artwork ‘FRACTAL LOTUS 4’ by obxium, depicts a luxuriously patterned lotus flower in 3D


The artwork owner receives a Kusama RMRK token, with links to the original PNG art on IPFS.

Special Edition Only

In addition to the RMRK token, the following assets are bestowed to the original owner in their raw forms as part of FRACTAL LOTUS 4.

Asset filename Asset SHA 256 hash
FLOW4.png ff2e7c161fbe66f5274b6d2e0722380c64d3467f5fe53de609e7d297703d6bfe
FLOW4.glb 116ef01d6717c8b2f07528565ebfef8d087ea59881583e373523dc9891877372
FLOW4.gltf 84c3a587b05f58e59c72107c3d12d48287a7415963a5e5e28ad84e50847de5b5
FLOW4.real 037f98b324412c1e041965698340856abd2903725f64bfe8d0e0869eb190f4fc

The token owner is free to place the 3D art objects in real or virtual space as they see fit, using the raw assets in .glb, .gltf, or the included .real formats, which each have unique predefined behaviors.

The token owner is hereby granted to a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, represent and distribute such content named herein on any format including by means of this website and in any known digital media.