FRACTAL LOTUS 5 is a complete cryptoart experience featuring the beauty of a lotus flower combined with the infinite worlds of artificial intelligence.

Artwork ‘FRACTAL LOTUS 5’ by obxium, depicts a luxuriously patterned lotus flower in 3D


The artwork owner receives a Kusama RMRK token, with links to the original PNG art on IPFS.

Special Edition Only

In addition to the RMRK token, the following assets are bestowed to the original owner in their raw forms as part of FRACTAL LOTUS 5.

Asset filename Asset SHA 256 hash
FLOW5.png a1c79ad15cba1fa533337eaaf479b8d6b288eb711ca64ce0ae52a85bda5f4e55
FLOW5.glb 7ce27fcdf609881696f2c101316bf9c0f0d175d547e157929d2fa709596e8a6e
FLOW5.gltf 4802e5af95ddfd2113fec7e270f685a0c6793ed90545ca69359f104e689939ec
FLOW5.real 28d48e3f8315830de645692aa4c23fb8507def1ce37558bc4f407bddb18a7e33

The token owner is free to place the 3D art objects in real or virtual space as they see fit, using the raw assets in .glb, .gltf, or the included .real formats, which each have unique predefined behaviors.

The token owner is hereby granted to a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, represent and distribute such content named herein on any format including by means of this website and in any known digital media.