Recent artwork

The following art is recently available for sale direct from the galleries.


Artwork 'TWITTER AVATAR' by obxium depicting a sword through the severed head of MemeMan in the style of 'POWER' by George Condo "TWITTER AVATAR," 2020 (SuperRare)


Artwork 'SURFSUP' by obxium depicting a building with stained glass lighting and a breaking wave with eggplant surfing the wave "SURFSUP," 2020 (KnownOrigin)


Artwork 'SKURST I' by obxium "SKURST I," 2020 (MakersPlace)


Artwork 'GALACTIC' by obxium depicting a Beasite Boys INTERGALACTIC robot dancing with dozens of people in a scene with bubbles and glitter waves "GALACTIC," 2020 (SuperRare)


Artwork HERE'S THE DEAL by obxium depicting a rainbow gradient with the white text heres the deal "HERE'S THE DEAL," 2020 (KnownOrigin)


Artwork 'Sepremu' by obxium depicting a logo like that of Supreme except saying sepremu "Sepremu," 2020 (SuperRare)


Artwork 'COLD ONE' by obxium depicting a beverage can with abstract art and a yellow dog "COLD ONE," 2020 (SuperRare)