Recent artwork

The following art is recently available for sale direct from the galleries.


Artwork 'BEEPLVS MAXIMVS' by obxium depicting a hand sculpted broze bust of Beeple. "BEEPLVS MAXIMVS," 2021 (SuperRare)

“Robbing Hoodie”

Artwork 'BEEPLVS MAXIMVS' by obxium depicting a 3D scene with elaborate gears and spheres, a samourai warrior, floppy disk and the text gamestop.exe. "Robbing Hoodie," 2021 (SuperRare)


Artwork 'GHUST' by obxium depicting an Orko character with elaborately styled Japanese demon mask. The overall color palette is salmon or flesh tone. "GHUST," 2020 [edition of 3] (Rarible)


Artwork GIANT DECK 1 by obxium depicting a disassembled 'PEPE GIANT' skateboard in purple acrylic block "GIANT DECK 1," 2020 (Rarible)


Artwork HERE'S THE DEAL by obxium depicting a rainbow gradient with the white text heres the deal "HERE'S THE DEAL," 2020 [edition of 3] (KnownOrigin)