We'll Make Great Pets

How I casually played along with two artists in an utterly uncoordinated & untitled performance crypto art piece involving wallet addresses, private keys, CryptoKitties and #arthistory.

Stealing The Contents Of This Wallet Is A Crime' art by Kevin Abosch features a soldi red field with the white text of an Ethereum wallet address and private key
Kevin Abosch. "Stealing The Contents Of This Wallet Is A Crime," (2018)

First, Kevin Abosch posted his artwork “Stealing The Contents Of This Wallet Is A Crime,” which consists of a solid red field upon which are laid an Ethereum wallet address and private key in white text along with the warning “STEALING THE CONTENTS OF THIS WALLET IS A CRIME”.


Initially, the wallet did contain some items of value, presumabling including tokens representing Abosch’s other works, such as IAMACOIN. The concept and wallet both piqued initial curiosity in the crypto art community at a large, and it was only a matter of time before someone ganked something from it.

It turns out that another artist, shortcut had placed a CryptoKitty, IAMA Kitty into the wallet after it was announced.

They’d gifted the Crypto Kitty because of a previous interaction with the wallet.

Borrowing this kitty is not a crime.

A CryptoKitty called 'IAMA Kitty'
The CryptoKitty IAMA Kitty

When I first examined this wallet, I noticed the contents and decided to borrow IAMA Kitty into one of my own wallets.

I did so, and it went wild! Incessantly breeding with one of my own kitties, Yung Pumpkin Spice in a frenzy. The result was that IAMA Kitty basically took over my kitty household and sired at least 3 other kitties before I could even return the horny little monster to the wallet from whence he came! 🤣

A row of Crypto Kitties featuring IAMA Kitty, Yung Pumpkin Spice, Fuzzybobo, Marbles Dullthang, and IAMABASTARD
IAMA Kitty + Yung Pumpkin Spice = Fuzzybobo, IAMABASTARD & Loki Boopkins

After IAMA Kitty finished procreating with my precious Yung Pumpkin Spice, I sent him back to the wallet for good.

I didn’t give the situation much thought for a while, until one day I noticed the CryptoKitties, was reminded about the whole thing, and asked shortcut to clarify some details about the wallet and IAMA Kitty. After looking at the transaction history, it became clear to me that shortcut actually put IAMA Kitty into the Abosch wallet, and it was not part of the original contents when released as the art project.

I asked shortcut why he did this and he explained that he got some IAMACOIN from Kevin and in turn, sent IAMA Kitty to the wallet as a gift in kind.


Now it appears that someone else has removed IAMA Kitty from the Abosch wallet yet again! It is reported that Abosch tweeted about it being “stolen” on November 13 2020.

Somehow I stole my own possession?!

According to this article on November 16th, Kevin Abosch admits to taking IAMA Kitty for himself because his daughter liked it.



A CryptoKitty called 'Loki Boopkins'
The CryptoKitty Loki Boopkins

Hey Kevin, if you are reading this please hit me up with an ETH address you own (that doesn’t have the private key published), and I’ll gift you the “Loki Boopkins” CryptoKitty since that one looks most like IAMA Kitty and will help bring this whole cosmic entanglement full circle.

Yours in art 🖼✌️